5 Unique Packaging Designs

It’s hard to come up with a list of companies that DON’T have other companies competing with them. Companies that have a great deal of competition must constantly come up with ways to stay unique and interesting. Finding ways to stand out among the rest could take some creative thinking.

One way companies have chosen to be different is through packaging designs. While the overall quality of the product should be the company’s first priority, packaging designs can be created to make a product even more desired. Designers have been creating packaging that is not only informative, but has a fun twist, often matching the product it’s covering. Sometimes the packaging is also created for an easier use.

We all the know the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but there are some people who just can’t turn down a great package design when they see one. Take a look at some of these visually pleasing package designs:


  1. Kleenex


Kleenex took a regular tissue box and turned it into a pyramid shape. The goal of this was to make it look like a slice of fruit, and Kleenex accomplished this. With a creative mind, it’s easy to come up with something as adorable as this. Perfect for any fruit lover, this tissue box truly looks like a slice of fruit whichever way the box is turned. What a great way for Kleenex to differentiate!


  1. Catherine & Sebastian Rice Milk Four-Pack

rice milk

A sub-brand of Catherine & Sebastian sells products for babies, toddlers and mothers at Kmart. This packaging design was created for the right reason, with the consumers in mind. Being that this milk is for babies and toddlers, the bottles were created with a block-like cap with a letter. This gives the consumer something to take home other than just the milk. This designer created it this way so that the child has something to collect and learn from, even after the milk is gone.


  1. Whitebites


If you can’t tell what this product is for by the name, you can definitely tell by the packaging. Whitebites are special treats for dogs that benefit their teeth. This packaging does a great way of saying just that. The clear portion of the box is a perfect spot for the Whitebites to be showing through, implying that the dogs that eat this product will have white teeth. The top of the box has a set of ears that are perfect for serving up the treat. When opening the box, the Whitebites can slide down the ear and into the dog’s mouth.


  1. Moustache Paintbrushes

moustache paintbrushes

This example goes to show that even a simple product can be packaged in an interesting way. Making the product part of the design is a great way to have a preview of the product.  Someone looking at this product will probably be fascinated by the design, as well as interested in actually looking at the brush. It catches the eye as opposed to just a simple paintbrush on a shelf.


  1. Shopping Bag

shoelace bag

Packaging designs can even be created to turn a simple shopping bag into something completely unique. I love it when packaging designs utilize other materials other than paper and a box. Like every shopping bag, this one has something to hold it by, but it’s obviously a little bit different. Instead of just plastic handles at the end, this designer used shoelaces. The designers then took it one step further and made it look as though the shoelaces were attached to the shoe.

This blog post was inspired by a post that I came across on a Long Island web design company’s blog, about package design. After seeing the packaging design examples, it made me want to research other examples. There are so many creative designers out there.

Check out some more examples in this video!